Thursday, July 18, 2013

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

I finally have my schedule for the fall up!
This Fall is going to be a bit of madness for me so I am going to be rather absent for the next couple months while I paint my little hands off!
Here's the line up:

Mab Grave 2013 Fall Schedule

August 17th – Curiosities – Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco CA
September 7th – Tales of the Sea - Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco CA
September 21st – Mab Graves Solo – Runaways – Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra CA
October 4th – Banned Book Cover show – Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, Indianapolis, IN
October 13th – Blythecon 2013 – New York, NY
October 25th – Mab Graves Solo – Pretending to be Human – Monster Gallery, Indianapolis, IN
November 16th – Fonzo Show – Dragatomi, Sacramento CA
November 20th – Mab Graves “Little Lost Girls” Paper Doll Book Launch (online)
December 6th  - Grey Gardens - group show - Harrison Center Gallery, Indianapolis, IN
December 14th - Wanderlust - group show - Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco CA

 Sneak Peek of my painting for the "Tales of the Sea" show at Modern Eden Gallery


  1. Ugh!! So mad that I missed the SF exhibits. I could just scream. I'll do so right now......... ok, done. That made me feel just a teeny bit better. I just recently ran across Mab's wonderful art (what rock have I been living under?). I'm right here in the Bay Area. Totally would have gone to both events in August and September. Well, maybe there will be a next time some time soon! I would love to see all of this beauty up close. Until then, I'll continue to admire and drool from a distance (my desktop.)