Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Tale of Two Girls

I am so excited to announce officially - that Mab Studios is growing!
My one-girl shop has just become a Two Girl shop.
Three years ago I met a lady named Darcy Danger.  My life has not been the same since. 
You know how sometimes you meet someone and - it's just right? That's what happened.
Darcy has been an encourager, cheerleader, advice giver, sounding board and dear friend ever since. 
This Summer I was having a REALLY hard time even pretending to remotely keep up (preparing for 7 events this Fall!) - when she offered the perfect solution: Darcy is my new Agent and Manager.
Darcy's history in sales, management, marketing and customer relations matched with her bubbly personality, minute attention to the small stuff and her overwhelming passion for Art made it ridiculous that we had not thought of it sooner.
So what’s new?
The Mab Shops have moved to New Jersey! 
Almost all the shipping will be coming out of Danger Studios in NJ this year. Also,  Darcy is helping me keep up with my emails (left to my own, I get to answer emails once every 4-8 days! I really needed help there >_<) so you will be hearing back from us MUCH sooner than ever before!
What’s the Same?
Everything! It’s all just better.
Everything is still produced 100% by me, I'm just not spending 10 hours a week packing and shipping! 
What's Better?
Everything. Now I can streamline my studio life and spend more time doing what my soul desperately craves - painting. I will be able to create more original works, more cameos and sculpture and branch out into trying new things I've only been able to sigh about. 
If you are bopping around my Etsy ( feel free to send Darcy a note to say hello or ask her any questions! Trust me - she's amazing.
 Here is a shot of Danger Studios where the Waifs now await!

 This is the magical Darcy Danger at the Pretending to be Human opening at Monster Gallery October 2013 (dressed as my amazing Tattooed Lady!)

 Darcy and Mab

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Special Summer Giveaway

As a special Thank You to all my amazing fans and friends, August 4th -11th I am doing a special Summer Giveaway!
Here's all you have to do:
1. Go to my Facebook or Instagram pages (or both to get entered twice!)
2. Click on this pic
3. Share it
4. Like my Pages And just wait! Next Sunday (the 11th, I will be blindfolded and choose 8 winners (and will post them online!) 

You can win:
~ An original Supergirl hand-painted cameo necklace
~ An original "Wolfboy" ATC illustration
~ An original miniature "Frankenstein in a Bottle" pendant necklace
~ An Exclusive mini print of my sold-out piece "The Forest" (the only one like it!)
~ 1 of 4 Exclusive "Goldfish Girl" mini prints (never available for purchase!)

 Original Supergirl Cameo
Original Wolfboy ATC illustration

Miniature original Frankenstein in a Bottle

Exclusive mini-print of The Forest

Exclusive Goldfish Girl ATC print

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

I finally have my schedule for the fall up!
This Fall is going to be a bit of madness for me so I am going to be rather absent for the next couple months while I paint my little hands off!
Here's the line up:

Mab Grave 2013 Fall Schedule

August 17th – Curiosities – Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco CA
September 7th – Tales of the Sea - Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco CA
September 21st – Mab Graves Solo – Runaways – Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra CA
October 4th – Banned Book Cover show – Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, Indianapolis, IN
October 13th – Blythecon 2013 – New York, NY
October 25th – Mab Graves Solo – Pretending to be Human – Monster Gallery, Indianapolis, IN
November 16th – Fonzo Show – Dragatomi, Sacramento CA
November 20th – Mab Graves “Little Lost Girls” Paper Doll Book Launch (online)
December 6th  - Grey Gardens - group show - Harrison Center Gallery, Indianapolis, IN
December 14th - Wanderlust - group show - Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco CA

 Sneak Peek of my painting for the "Tales of the Sea" show at Modern Eden Gallery