Monday, April 19, 2010

The Münchhausen Madness

Oh, Münchhausen.

I recently came across a reprinted edition of the 1785 title "The Surprising Adventures of Baron Münchhausen" 1785, by Rudolf Erich Raspe. So wonderful. After about 5 minutes of perusing, I realized two things;
#1. That this was the one of the most ridiculous and fantastical characters I had ever come across. And
#2. That I absolutely must paint him now, now.
So I did. And here he is (first image below). I also included a few of the fantastic illustrations I discovered in my research that inspired the begeezee outta me!

The Baron Münchhausen Escapes Captivity - by Mab Graves

The Baron Charms the Sultan

The Baron Rides a Cannon Ball

Oh, that nose...