Sunday, August 4, 2013

Special Summer Giveaway

As a special Thank You to all my amazing fans and friends, August 4th -11th I am doing a special Summer Giveaway!
Here's all you have to do:
1. Go to my Facebook or Instagram pages (or both to get entered twice!)
2. Click on this pic
3. Share it
4. Like my Pages And just wait! Next Sunday (the 11th, I will be blindfolded and choose 8 winners (and will post them online!) 

You can win:
~ An original Supergirl hand-painted cameo necklace
~ An original "Wolfboy" ATC illustration
~ An original miniature "Frankenstein in a Bottle" pendant necklace
~ An Exclusive mini print of my sold-out piece "The Forest" (the only one like it!)
~ 1 of 4 Exclusive "Goldfish Girl" mini prints (never available for purchase!)

 Original Supergirl Cameo
Original Wolfboy ATC illustration

Miniature original Frankenstein in a Bottle

Exclusive mini-print of The Forest

Exclusive Goldfish Girl ATC print


  1. Mab!!! Any one would be a treasure! Thanks so much for the chance to own one. You're the sweetest! OXOXOXO

  2. All are stunning and I would be incredibly happy with either one of these, but the The Forest print is so magical, wow! I'm pretty sure I would be dancing and singing for the rest of the year(at least!) if I won that!

    Hope you're having a happy summer!

    P.S. Did all the facebook things;)

  3. Shared, liked and crossing my fingers! Love your work, and thank you for a chance to win some of your coveted pieces~

  4. Shared & liked. What a fantastic giveaway! Sue x

  5. Oh Mab. Oh thank you for this wonderful exciting giveaway!!! Love you so much! jean

  6. These are all awesome! What a generous gift from a gifted artist! Thanks to Shaunna Peterson for pointing me your way.

    Fingers crossed for a win!