Monday, November 3, 2014

Something Beautiful

An Artist Statement (of sorts)

People sometimes ask me “why don’t your girls smile? Are they sad about something?”.
This often puzzles me. 
As a pop surrealist painter, to me my little girls are not “girls”. They are my Waifs. To me they are Symbols of the innocence and fragility we have all had a connection to at one point or another. 
       Some of us lost it gradually, naturally, some of us gave it away willingly, and some of us had it stolen away, but we all remember a time when we were so small and the world was alive with strangeness and wonder. With the confusion of unknowing, and with the bliss of innocence. My girls symbolize this, and their somber little faces and alien proportions cry out to the viewers “it is gone, it is gone!” Their faces Know what we now know.
 It’s beautiful and sad, but beautiful. It’s something we all share.

As an artist, my driving goal is: in everything I do to Simply Create Beauty and to Tell a Story. I love to connect with people through my images. That Connection is my driving force in creation.
    I want to touch you. I want to give you a moment, maybe just a millisecond scrolling through a feed or turning a page - a moment of prettiness.
 A moment of strange lovely.
  I am not trying to shock you. 
No blood and guts. No organs or religious symbols. 
I’m not going to smash something in your face and say “Look at this! Understand it!” I want my work to be something we share. Something for both of us. 
Whether you see a somber little girl sad about something, or a symbol of innocence riding a dinosaur, whatever our shared truth it’s something we have together.

Something Beautiful. 


  1. Love what you are trying to share with you work! <3

  2. You know..that's odd.. It never occurred to me that they were not smiling and I own quite a bit of your art! I love those Waifs and Strays.. they have my heart.