Thursday, August 26, 2010

These Walls of my Soul...

The strangest feeling. This Limbo lostness. My walls are empty.
For the past 7 moths, the walls of my studio have been filling floor to ceiling with my soul.
I come home every night and paint. Six, ten, twelve hours.
Time is meaningless when it is meaningless.
Last week, we emptied my walls to take all my work to a studio to be photographed.
Call it preoccupation, call it denial, but I had not even contemplated the fact that when I took these paintings down from my walls, they would not be coming back.
I have been living these beautiful months, in a cave of the creatures and faces of my mind.
And they were there. Every time I looked up or turned my head.
Watching me.
Waiting in a cacophony of anticipation for the birth of my next creation.
My new silence echoes.


  1. beautiful!

    i say, if you don't live with it; how can someone else? infused with your love. they are.

  2. Thank you for bringing all these enchanting images into the world! Your hard work was more than worth the final product! I would love to purchase a piece if they are not all sold. The gallery site was not very helpful in terms of online ordering, perhaps I will call. I love little Ninah <3
    Love and Light,

  3. I LOVED!
    Hi, im from BRASIL, and see yor name here:
    loock my paint:

  4. I just made my first Etsy sale and am overcome with the weirdest plaintive feelings over letting the painting go. Which is silly because it's not like I don't understand the concept of SELLING something.

    Paintings are pieces of the artists' soul, you are completely correct. And now I'm nudging this piece of me gently out into the world, kissing it goodbye and wishing it well like a mother on her child's first day of school, and it's...unexpectedly bittersweet.

    I'll get used to it. :)

  5. This is such a painfully beautiful post. I found myself missing the piece of your work FOR you. xo Rella