Friday, March 5, 2010

Anonymous Birth

One question I get asked a lot when people see the paintings I'm working on is "Who is she"?. When my darling (Larry) photographs my pieces he'll sit down at his computer to work on the files, and he'll ask "What's her name?"
I never know. My paintings are not my creations. They just Are. They are alive, somewhere inside of me but they are not mine.
They are anonymous births.
Their eyes have stories and histories, but I don't know them. I don't feel that I need to. They are my darling strangers.

I keep a list in my sketchbook of names that I love. Names I find beautiful, or funny or just names that capture me. When I get asked those questions, I'll look in my sketchbook and read down the list and pick a name. One that fits. I never name them till I have to. She's mine, and my soul knows her. I won't attach words to her until someone needs them.
I will spend days and weeks and months on her until she is finished, and then someone will ask me a question. "What is the story behind Camilla?".
I have no idea who they are talking about.

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